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Bathroom Renovations

Transform Your Bathroom from Drab to Fab.

The bathroom is a unique space where ease of care and a relaxing, stylish design can add value to your privacy. We offer complete bathroom remodelling where lighting, furnishings, fixtures and features express a stylish and accessible personal space.


We can perform delicate restorations to refine the character of your current bathroom or a complete bathroom renovation or remodel that involves all trades from plumbing and electrical to plastering, painting, tiling and flooring, colour selections, fixture upgrades, surface coatings and more. Our custom made joinery from a wide selection of materials, designs and quality fittings along with full compliant waterproofing in all areas of your bathroom ensure durability, ease of care and peace of mind. We specialise in all aspects of bathroom renovation from design and planning to breakdowns and construction in accordance with strict safety standards, precise functionality and pristine aesthetics.


We would love the opportunity to discuss your project further

"Thank you for the fabulous job you have done, the end result is amazing, we are so appreciative and pleased with what you have done for us in our home."

Daniele, Ray and Donna

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